Auto Accident Injury

Naturally Heal From an Auto Accident Injury with Our Fort Myers Chiropractor Team 

Dr. Jeff Humble and Dr. Joe Humble are Fort Myers chiropractor duo who have helped hundreds of Floridians recover from auto accident injuries. Auto accidents may cause complications to your body and overall health. These types of accidents can comprise of personal injury claims and disability. The services offered at Humble Chiropractic can resolve related pain and dysfunction without forcing our patients to rely on medications or invasive procedures.

Naturally Heal From an Auto Accident Injury with Our Fort Myers Chiropractor Team

Types of Auto Accident Injury

An auto accident injury can occur during a minor or a major car crashes. A few of the most common issues we see in our patients who have experienced this type of personal injury include:

    • Neck pain: often due to whiplash (a neck strain caused by rapid flexion and extension of the neck) or a concussion (a head injury  caused by the brain jostling against the skull)
    • Back pain: often caused by sciatica (nerve compression) or vertebral joint locks or misalignments 
    • Shoulder pain: typically due to seat belt injuries (e.g., brachial nerve plexus/strain, rotator cuff tear, or shoulder dislocation)

Your auto accident injury symptoms may develop right away or may take days or weeks to show up. No matter if your injury is mild or severe, your symptoms deserve to be addressed and the underlying cause deserves treatment. This is because early intervention is essential for reducing the risk of long-term complications, including chronic pain. 

What to Expect From a Fort Myers Chiropractor for Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Visit our Fort Myers chiropractors for holistic and natural treatment. Humble Chiropractic services can get you on the road to healing quickly! The following treatments are some of what we can help you with due to auto accidents injuries:

    • Chiropractic adjustments: this helps realign spinal joints and improve the central nervous system's ability to communicate with the body
    • Massage therapy: this increases circulation, eases physical and mental tension, and helps break up painful scar tissue and adhesions
    • Corrective exercises: we teach you specific movements that can heal tissues, reduce inflammation, and improve muscle strength and endurance to help you avoid recurring dysfunction

We also can help you at your lawyer consultation, if applicable, by providing a detailed, thorough, and early documentation describing the extent and nature of your auto accident injury. Another reason to schedule an appointment with our chiropractors in Fort Myers as soon as possible after a car crash.

Struggling With Pain Due to an Auto Accident Injury? Get Your Mind and Body Healing at Humble Chiropractic in Fort Myers, FL

If you're currently dealing with a personal injury, such as whiplash or other types of auto accident injuries, then let our Fort Myers chiropractor team help ease some stress. Contact Humble Chiropractic now at (239) 214-8578 to schedule an appointment.